What is marketing research and why you need it?

Marketing research is a form of business research and an area of applied sociology that focuses on the behavior, wishes and preferences of customers, rivals and markets in the economics driven by the market. It means that marketing research considers data collection and analysis that will be used by the marketologists. Marketing research is alpha and omega of any cycle of marketing activity of the company. It’s needed to avoid uncertainty which always goes with the marketing solutions.

Marketing research vs market research

Marketing research is a general research that includes market research, customers’ research, rivals’ research etc. Marketing research may give useful information about many aspects connected with the market.

Why do a research?

Every company does some kind of marketing research, at least studying the market (its state and possibilities)? Getting information about the rivals (the range of products, price list, marketing policy) and the customers (behavior and preferences). It’s beyond argument that the completeness and relevance of the marketing information significantly influence on the company’s success.

Effective solutions can’t be based on intuition or imagination. A company can’t gain competitive advantage on their markets without planning a marketing campaign. Effective strategic solutions about company development can’t be made without marketing research.

What can marketing research do?

Marketing research allows to solve following problems:

  • Make reasonable and correct management decisions;
  • To better know needs and preferences of customers and clients;
  • To estimate the product’s market possibilities;
  • To estimate and improve the efficiency of marketing campaign;
  • To choose the most effective marketing tools;
  • To determine your merits and flaws in relation to your rivals;
  • To work out effective ways of countering the rivals.

Why does significance and need for marketing information grow?

Lately there is a range of aspects that increase the significance of marketing information:

  • General state of the markets changes very fast;
  • More and more companies work on outlying markets;
  • Customers become more knowing, scrupulous and demanding.

Market participants need latest and the most useful information that’s why marketing research should be done professionally and thoughtfully on all stages, from choosing the type of marketing research to the methods of data processing and ways of result presentation.

Who does marketing research in Almaty and Astana?

Many big companies have marketing departments that promote goods and services on the market and collect information (about the market, the rivals etc.). but there are also specialized companies that do marketing research. The main advantage of independent marketing agency in comparison with the company’s marketing department is its objectivity and professionalism, as they are not interested in the result manipulation.
Generally, regional companies do without serious marketing research or prefer to do it themselves. But this kind of choice has many weak points: from incompetence of the employees in this area to the insufficiency of the information.

STUDIO DUENDE does customized marketing and sociological research of any complexity, using different methods and in different sectors of economy. We combine strategic approach, use of all existing methods of marketing research, analytics and understanding of all specific features of customer’s business. We’ve done hundreds of marketing research programs in FMCG, motor-car industry, banks and insurance , pharmaceuticals industry and medical industry, retail, media, industrial machinery, oil products, construction materials and many other areas.

STUDIO DUENDE is a mix of such factors as professional team with huge experience of work on customer’s side, clear quality control procedure, wide geographic coverage, proper methods of marketing research and consulting approach for the marketing research. That’s why the results of our work become the base for the decisions made by our clients.

STUDIO DUENDE. Practical marketing research for the best decisions in Almaty and Astana.