Style, comfort, functionality in interior design

Not long ago most of us couldn’t even imagine that a house or an apartment might have personalized planning and individual design due to the customers’ taste. 70 years our state tried to equalize and depersonalilze all members of the society. We lived in the identical houses, used the same home decoration materials, bought the same furniture. And one was lucky to get an opportunity to buy foreign-made wallpapers of high quality or well-done furniture. Most of us couldn’t even dream about choosing the interior design.

Times changed. And it’s no wonder that even people with modest means are eager to turn their home into small, but very special world.

Interior design should consider every detail as all the elements are related and create a single and unique image. Color range special features, furnishings, light and accessories are equally important for the interior design. But professionals consider that light and color play the most important role in the process of decoration. Those are two mainstays of the comfortable design concept. Light creates mood, and even familiar surroundings may play out in fresh colors. Besides properly selected light may visually change the form and size of the space. That’s sometimes it’s easy to upgrade the design only by changing the lamps without doing any makeovers.

Stages of interior design project:

  • Project development
  • 3D project imaging
  • Detail project development
  • Utilities project development
  • Designer supervision
  • Decoration

Interior design in Almaty and Astana – style, comfort and functionality

Interior design project development starts with your acquaintance with your designer when you tell everything you expect from this new interior design project: intended number of rooms and back of house, family members, wishful design style, approximate budget etc. The more information about client’s needs, habits and wishes a designer gets, the faster and easier a design project is developed and accepted.

First stage of the project is the project development when you make decisions about planning, style, general zoning, floor and ceiling construction, types of decoration materials etc.

After the project has been accepted, we make 3D project imaging with Archicad or 3D Studio Max programs which will allow you to “have a walk” in the future interiors.

Next stage is detail project development, which is a detailed working put of the accepted project. To make it look complete you’ll need to choose all types of decoration materials, doors, windows, furniture, sanitary fitment, household appliances etc. in the hardware stores with your designer. All chosen materials will be shown in the project.

Interior design detail project is quite a diligent work based on calculations and building elements development.

The result of this work is two dozens of different plans and cost sheets: partition-dismantling plan, wall elevation with ceramic tiles scheme, ceiling plans, lighting elements installation scheme, flooring materials explanation, furnishing plan etc. Plans and cost sheets are for the specialists that will bring your ideas to life.

Designer supervision allows putting into effect the ideas of designer and making corrections if needed. If somehow there is a need to change some kind of decoration or building materials, real-time modification may help to avoid unpleasant consequences of this situation.

Decoration means a lot nowadays. And it completely depends on designer’s talent and creativity as he/she is responsible for lights’ selection and set-out, textile design (table cloths, draperies, bed-linen), pictures, sculptures and accessories selection.

DUENDE STUDIO will put a twist on your house whether it’s exclusive or common! We will bring to life your most daring ideas! Our strong points are fabulous imagination, irreproachable artistic taste, many years of experience, our interest in innovations, more than 1000 projects done all over the world and numerous professional contest victories in Kazakhstan.

Our mission is to create magnificent interior design and to make our clients enjoy the work of experienced and gifted professionals.

Interior design in Almaty and Astana: no limits for perfection!

STUDIO DUENDE is a tightly welded team of specialists ready to make our clients enjoy the process of interior design project development and its further realization. We offer you to order a design project of any style that will be developed especially for you due to your needs. Any interior design project developed by our specialists is best known for its quality and accuracy. 3D imaging of all rooms allows our clients to observe the future interior and space planning before the repairs start.

Designers of STUDIO DUENDE visit all architectural and furniture exhibitions and are the first to apply the newest technologies and products of leading global producers of decoration materials, furniture, light and décor elements. We easily experiment with forms and textures, skillfully combine noble antiques with modern luxury, hi-tech and art deco, classics and minimalism. That’s how you get the project with “your” character.