Printing design

Printing design is a type of graphic design used for development of printable promotional materials. The result of printing design is a paper medium.

Every year the number of companies on the market is increasing, and everybody wants to promote their goods or services and become popular and famous. That’s why lately the image advertising, including promotional print, plays more important role every day.

Promotional print is one of the most popular types of advertising due to its low cost and high efficiency that allows to inform wide audience of potential customers very fast.

Different types of promotional print are used to attract potential client’s attention: booklets, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, calendars etc. One may see a huge amount of promotional print that ensure of a high quality of goods and services. How not to be lost in this information flow?

It’s obvious that any visitor of exhibition or presentation will pay attention to the catalogue or leaflet that has an attractive design. And only then he/she will open it and start reading.

That’s why original and attractive design and printing production of high quality play the main role in creation of any image graphic arts. Professionally made printing design is very important in production of visiting cards, leaflets, booklets, catalogues, brochures and also in logo design and other components of company style. Smart printing design is the key to success in any advertising campaign.

Good quality of design is important when the company style is being developed. The first thing people do about the information letter sent in a company’s original envelope, is examining the envelope, and often the first impression about the company is based on its design.

Printing design development

Printing design development requires special knowledge of specific features of the business of the client. To advertise different types of goods and services different ways of advertising information are used.

Anyway, the first stage in printing design development is to define the goals to achieve. The goals can be different, eg. attracting new clients, sales increase, competitive advantage demonstration, company’s image and status raising etc. Core audience of the promotional print is very important. Advertising strategy of the rival companies should be analyzed carefully. When developing image advertising, corporate style must be taken into account. Professional experiences designers should work out the printing design.

Where to order printing design in Almaty and Astana?

Duende studio gives all types of printing design services for exhibitions, presentations, mailouts and other advertising events. Our employees are experienced in printing design. Creative printing advertising together with individual approach for every client is the best way to achieve the main goal and to provide a proficient and efficient advertising tool for the client!

Printing design by Duende studio:

  • catalogue design development: catalogue design (cover, line sample), product photoshoot, picture and photo scanning, advanced picture shading, schemes’ and pictures’ preparation and rendering, catalogue makeup of any complexity and full preprinting preparation;
  • calendar design: photoshooting, photobanks research, all types of calendar design, calendar block makeup, images’ and illustrations’ preparation;
  • booklet design: photos, illustrations, makeup and design;
  • other: advertising concept development, banner design for the exhibitions and posters’ style, 3×6 m (and other size) banners design development, newspapers, brochures, packages, postcards and other printing layouts.
  • It’s very easy now to order printing design in Almaty and Astana.