Media advertising in Almaty and Astana

Audio and video ads in Almaty and Astana are the most popular and effective ways of promotion on the modern market.

Audio and video production is a complicated process that can be done only by professionals to make it work. Normally, audio and video ads are short promos up to 30 sec long. They should be laconic and at the same time include a maximum of useful information about the product to make it look nice and to be retained in one’s memory. Our clients get an individual approach whether we make audio/video ads or recording and rerecording of your vocal.

Audio and video ads are helpful when solving the following problems:

  • New products’/services’ promotion
  • Rebranding
  • Market positions retaining
  • Customer’s position change
  • Sales office support
  • Direct customers’ data origination

Stages of video ads’ production:


  • Preparation and approval for technical assignment and video commercial screenplay
  • Approval for advertising budget
  • Costumes, decorations, equipment preparation
  • Casting
  • 2. Production

    • Decorations’ arrangement, equipment setting
    • Video commercial shooting, computer graphics production

    3. Post-production

    • Video cutting
    • Dubbing (audio advertisement production)
    • Color correcting

    Media plan preparation and media/led screen placement

    Media planning by STUDIO DUENDE relies on detailed information about Kazakhstan media market (communication channels efficiency and ratings, audience reach, special cost). Our specialists ensure the maximum audience contact with an ad and confirm their guaranties by advertisement efficiency analysis.

    STUDIO DUENDE produces the following audio/video commercials:

    • Informational commercial (audio/video)
    • Image audio commercial
    • Advertising audio spot
    • Teaser advertisements
    • Vocal audio/video commercial, vocal single
    • Radio air dressing production