How to choose and make logo in Astana and Almaty

“Logo” term that appeared in the XIX century was the synonym of ligature which means a combination of 2 or 3 signs. By the middle of the XIX century “logo” was used for any type of text cliché, eg. newspaper title, because there was no need to type it again every time.

Nowadays “logo” can mean anything: a font pattern, or a sign, or an image, or their combination.

Every day people see a lot of different logos that we meet in the shops, on the streets, at home or at work. Well-done logo can keep person’s attention and helps to a possible customer to remember and associate your logo with your company.

Logo is a visual essence of your company, its main visiting card. Logo may be compared with a powerful psychological “anchor”.

Passing film shots, ads and billboards in Almaty and Astana stay in memory and reappear in every proper moment. Even a six-year-old child seeing a yellow M letter on the street, will understand that there’s a world-famous McDonald’s fast food restaurant somewhere nearby. Some people even feel the smell of cheeseburger or the taste of ice-cream when they see this logo.

Logos of such global giants like Coca-Cola, Google, Toyota and Apple are recognizable all over the world.
That’s why the process of development of the main sign of the company is very important. Not to mention that a bad logo will be lost among thousands of other logos or even may harm the business. Due to the ways of impact and perception logos can be divided in several groups:

  • Geography
  • Animals
  • National symbolics
  • Business area
  • Others (non-defined)

Due to the appearance logos can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Only text
  • Only sign
  • Text + sign
  • “Only text”

The main approach for creating logos that contain only text is the selection of type style as the main point of such logo is the typographic treatment of the product’s or firm’s name.

Text logos are simple to do, but brand awareness, especially at early stages, is not guaranteed. That’s how our brain works – it remembers well some visual images but doesn’t pay too much attention to the text decisions.

“Only sign”

To make a logo sign recognizable it’s important to roll out a strong campaign to nail down the connection between the logo sign and the name of a firm in the mind of the customers, or try to turn the name itself into the sign. But only if the name is not too long. It’s easier to turn the “Apple” name into sign than the “PromSnabStroyTrestInvest Kazakhstan” name. The more letters has the name of a company, the harder it is to combine them and to perceive them.

The “Apple” company logo that we see every day is much more younger than the company itself. Originally logo creators tried to connect the apple with the most popular legend about gravitation force. This idea could be interesting but the chosen logo was too huge and not too easy to remember.

One of the main rules of creating logos says that one sign logo should not only be outstanding but also easy to be depicted by any user.

“Text and sign”

Third group of logos is the result of combination of text and sign. It’s the most popular type of logos as the use of graphic elements makes it more rememberable and allows to turn a long company name into a visually attractive and a special one. Besides, the sign part of the logo can be used as a chop mark on the company’s goods. Sometimes a logo can be connected with an advertising slogan. The connection between the company and its’ goods quality may be thrusted on customers not only by visual presentation of the sign, but by a simple laconic phrase that is retained in customers’ memory.

Modern tendencies of “logo construction”

Modern forms of logos have become more airy. Customers have a feeling like logos are ready to leave the surface where they are located. Distinctive features of our time are the use of thinner lines and transparency of a light, which goes through them.

Instead of black color, it’s getting more common to use brown and grey. Blue and green have become smoother. Rose and orange colors appear more often. The main principle of color compositions is that logo should look good on both, black and white backcloth.

If you design a logo using several color tints, there must be only three of them. Generally the basic color is black. Designer can choose any color tint as the second one. The third color tint should be achromatically or chromatically contrastive to the second one.

How much does it cost to make a logo in Almaty and Astana?

If you are ready to order a professionally made logo for your company, you should rely on professional designers. As a rule, the price varies from $50 to $300 for a simple result.

To make a remarkable logo is a serious. Interesting and creative problem that takes time. Usually it costs $150-500 to create a turnkey logo in a design studio and it takes 5 to 15 workdays.

If you are ready to conquer the world and you need a detailed market and potential customers’ mood research, you’ll need $1000-3000 to get the high class result. Remember that it’s better to do it once but to a good quality and originally than to redo it every year.

We will create and bring to life your high quality logo, trademark or company style in Almaty or Astana.