Event marketing tendencies in Kazakhstan

Modern people live in a very interesting time: informational and technological revolutions are the reason of very fast changes. Globalization makes companies be flexible, react instantaneously on any changes in the social life and, what’s more, create original decisions to bring in potential buyers.

Nowadays it becomes more and more difficult to capture customers’ attention/ and as old marketing tools lose their effectiveness, advertising business participants have to invent new methods that fully satisfy contemporary customers. It becomes obvious that traditional ATL technologies should be enhanced by BTL technologies to stimulate the sales activity. Event marketing is one of the tools that supports and increases the effect of classical promotion. It includes PR and BTL within the context of some kind of event.

Modern event marketing concept

Event marketing allows to effectively build an emotional bond between the customer and the brand in a short period of time. But choosing the right kind of event depends on advertising task. That’s why all events can be divided into several groups:

  • Working events where people share information (conferences, exhibitions, congresses);
  • Information is given through some kind of entertainment (film premiere, product unveiling, corporate party, company’s birthday party);
  • Leisure events where people can spend their free time (sports competitions, concerts, festivals).

All these events emotionally affect target users because they give an opportunity to “feel” the brand and to get a real experience of communicating with the product. And the most important is that this communication is unobtrusive as if the customer has chosen it himself as distinct from TV advertisements that irritate most of the viewers.

Event marketing has a great social focus. Event organization process considers that this very event can be made as a huge projrct with the participation of several brands as partners, sponsors etc.

Marketing effect will not be long in coming if the event has been organized right and the target audience has been selected correctly. Well-done event is able to increase brand awareness up to 30 per cent and to develop customers brand loyalty for the new product but normally as a result of ATL and BTL technologies complex.
Nevertheless, there are a lot of examples of event marketing helping to create favorable image of company and to increase the sales.

One of the first companies that decided to use event marketing was McDonald’s that connected the image of fast food chain with Ronald McDonald house and regularly makes special events using the image of clown Ronald. This kind of tactics helped the company not only to attract family audience like children and their parents, but also to create an attractive remarkable image that will distract customers’ attention from scandals around the quality of food in McDonald’s. McDonald’s also uses different kinds of charity events with the assistance of famous people, which also helps to create favorable image and to widen the target audience.

Event marketing in Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana)

Generally, event marketing is quite a new direction in Kazakhstan. The frequency of use of this type of product promotion increased only in the last 10 years. Firstly, every event project with participation of stars can have a strong PR support thanks to the present journalists, further media publications and reports.
Secondly, event marketing has a long term effect as it begins long before the very event in the announcements, event posters, press conferences, and continues in further performances, road tours and media publications.

Moreover, one of the most important merits of event marketing is financial saving. In comparison with traditional advertising, event marketing allows to save up to 30 per cent of the overall budget as the effectiveness is achieved much faster by means of correct event organization and original idea of advertising campaign.

The most popular events in Kazakhstan are holiday parties. Participation in holiday parties helps to avoid some problems. For example, event marketing provides almost unlimited promotion opportunities for the alcohol producers and tobacco manufacturers.

Event marketing in Almaty and Astana

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