Corporate style development

A successful company owns a successful trademark. Corporate style is one of the main advertising and marketing tools of any modern company in Astana and Almaty.

Corporate style development means a variety of elements (definite graphic objects and font patterns), that provide the layout integration of all the subjects relevant to the company (goods, wrapping, rooms, facilities, documents, advertising, personnel clothes etc.).

Corporate style should be helpful to development of profitable company image, is intended to intensify the effectiveness and showiness of its advertising contacts with the customers, to ensure the growth of reputation and notability of the company on the market and have credibility of the partners.

Usually corporate style production includes:

  • Corporate style development
  • Logo, trademark
  • Corporate font patterns
  • Visiting card of employee
  • Company letterhead paper
  • Envelopes
  • Company motto
  • Website
  • Portfolio
  • Booklets
  • Posters
  • Promotional merchandise, POSM
  • Product packaging (packaging paper, containers, bagging)
  • Goods and services price-list
  • Exterior advertising (billboards, banners, light boxes)
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Internet advertising
  • Why corporate style?

    Corporate style is a unique style of a company. Corporate style, if properly developed, becomes a basis for a successful Kazakhstan and international rollout of any product or service under harsh conditions of competition.

    By means of corporate style business owners meet a range of challenges related to the customers’ stimulation, company influence and production management. Corporate style primarily helps to recognize and identify the company production: goods, services, advertising, buildings, documentation etc. That’s why it’s cheaper to launch a new product of a famous brand – it already associates with a well-known company name and circumstantially guarantees high product quality. It is of interest that product quality of competing firms can be equal, but “brand” is always much more expensive.

    Every client of DUENDE design studio that would like us to develop corporate style in Almaty or Astana, should know that corporate style is an instrument of communication of the company with its customers, not a director’s personal appliance. The lack of this kind of understanding makes our designers and the client himself nervous and eventually leads to the low quality of the performed services, and that may become the reason of profit loss of the company. You should decide which style is better for you: the one “you love” or the profitable one. However we can have it both ways.

    After the logo, the corporate colors and the font patterns have been consolidated, the designer starts to develop corporate style carriers.

    Almost anything might be regarded as a corporate style carrier:

    • Representative materials (visiting cards, company letterhead, envelopes, folders)
    • Advertising goods (leaflets, flyers, posters, printed publication and internet modules)
    • Promotional merchandise (calendars, tea cups, badges, pens, lighters, flesh cards)
    • Exterior advertising (outdoor signs, banners, cross street banners, traffic advertising)
    • Window dressing and interior design, exhibit booth design
    • Corporate clothes for the personnel
    • Discount cards for loyal customers

    And, of course, the corporate website. The best solution is when the same designer or a team of designers develops everything at once under the supervision of an experienced art-director.

    Anyway, the stylistics design of all the corporate style carriers should be unified and based on the strict rules represented in a special document called “brand book” or a guidance to the usage of the company’s corporate style. If you don’t have this document, you don’t have any corporate style.

    Take your brand book with you when you go to the advertising agency. You will notice the respect of advertising professionals. If you still don’t have your corporate style, visit DUENDE design studio because every day you miss your clients and your money.

    Brand components production

    Brand production is creativity based on deep knowledge of the market. Brand process production is quite complicated, and the price of mistakes might be a vast sum. That’s why many companies prefer to hire professional design studios that will develop the brand.

    The production of every brand element requires special skills. Professional designer creates graphic elements, basing himself upon the rules of composition, because account must be taken of the principles of graphic images perception when expressing the ideas of the brand through the graphic symbols. To create sound symbols of the brand we need participation of the acoustic designers. Copywriters and writers create creative conceptions and strategies.

    Experts insist on being always aware of positioning and strategies for the brand in the process of brand production. There is no point in overloading the brand with ideas, it’s more useful to choose the most worthful one and make it come in the customer’s consciousness.